ADRA+, the new start-up and consolidation service for businesses and entrepreneurs in the Rioja Alta region, is launched

ADRA+, the new start-up and consolidation service for businesses and entrepreneurs in the Rioja Alta region, is launched
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The Association for the Development of La Rioja Alta (ADRA) presents a new service to guide companies and entrepreneurs in the creation and consolidation of new projects.  ADRA+, as it is called, consists of professional advice aimed at both new and established companies that intend to start new projects within the framework of the different lines of aid (Next Generation, Recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience, among others).

To this end, and in order to respond to the main areas of development and growth, ADRA+ will offer services such as guidance on how to start up a business project; advice on project financing through the different calls for aid or advice on how to implement digitalisation systems and sustainability policies in the company.

In the words of ADRA’s manager, Alfonso Maestro, the aim is none other than “to prevent any Rural Development project from failing to materialise due to a lack of advice”.

“Although our main task is the management of Leader programme aid, we cannot avoid keeping up to date with other existing aid and support that the promoters would appreciate knowing about”, explains the ADRA manager, “hence the possibility of channelling this new service and turning it into a benefit that we can offer them”.

Together with the individual service that ADRA+ will provide, it will also include educational and training activities such as expert forums on topics related to the experiences of consolidated companies in digital transformation and sustainability; talks by entrepreneurs in the wine tourism sector or people and talent management as a new organisational model.


There will also be workshops on entrepreneurship, innovative business plans, ICT integration and sustainability projects. And there will also be networking between companies and professionals in the area to generate and link common interests.

During the presentation of the initiative, the Director General of Rural Development and Demographic Challenge, Nuria Bazo, stressed that “this project is born from the territory, from the groups and people who know it and make it up” as all those who promote local action groups (LAG), which arise “from within and from the maximum knowledge of the environment and rural development”.

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Companies or entrepreneurs who wish to know in depth about this new service can contact through the web:; by phone 941 45 71 50; email: or at ADRA’s own headquarters: c/ Víctor Cardenal, 63, in San Asensio.