Because you are worth it, treat yourself to the Rioja Alta Wine Route during Easter Week

Because you are worth it, treat yourself to the Rioja Alta Wine Route during Easter Week

Thinking about your next destination for Easter? If you are looking for a place that breathes history, nature, friendliness… A place where you can forget the rush, taste real gastronomy and the most famous wines in the whole world, you need look no further because you have just found it: it is the Rioja Alta Wine Route. And the best news, it’s “Near You”.

Here you will be able to live experiences that you can’t even imagine, by land, air and? river. Visit centenary cellars housed in the bowels of a winery; fly over the vineyards in a hot-air balloon or go canoeing on the Ebro are just some of them, but there are dozens more.

With your friends, with your family, as a couple… We have activities to suit your interests and your budget. So much so that our route has been chosen as one of the most important in the world by the publication The Wine Routes of The World.


There are many reasons to take a trip, but few places are going to offer all of them. On the Rioja Alta Wine Route we have compiled some of the most important ones, christening them the ‘Siete Miradas’ (Seven Views), a publication with seven themed proposals that will take you to explore our villages while feeling at home. These are: ‘The wine route’, ‘The route of the ashlars’, ‘The small monumental paradises’, ‘Between vineyards and history’, ‘Wine and gastronomy on the Camino de Santiago’, ‘Route of the monasteries’ and ‘Route of the Romanesque’.

Did you know that this is home to the largest number of hundred-year-old wineries in the world? You can visit family wineries, avant-garde, traditional, innovative… Learn about and compare their winemaking processes and how they have changed over the years.

You will be able to explore -on foot, on horseback, by bicycle or even on quads- the vineyards where the marvellous grapes that give prestige to our wines are grown. And, of course, you can eat in a winery, have lunch at the foot of the vineyard or take part in a guided wine tasting.

A trip along the Rioja Alta Rioja Wine Route also includes cultural tourism.  Castles, bridges, hermitages, necropolises… have survived the passing of time and man to the present day in a very good state of preservation. Here we preserve ancient Roman bridges and castles that were once grandiose fortifications. On our website you will find all the information about these points of tourist interest in the route of the Castles and the route of the bridges. There are also countless hermitages (see route) scattered throughout the Rioja Alta. Many of them even have necropolises in their vicinity, which indicates that there were settlements in the surrounding area.

Rioja Alta shows us its territory through several routes that we call the Wine Trails. We currently have 16 signposted trails, of varying difficulty, to explore the vineyards and the rest of the landscape. These are paths where you can discover authentic gems such as the vineyard guards, which were used as shelters for farmers and their animals when the weather was bad; cave wine presses, huts and other elements that are exclusive to these landscapes.

Take advantage of these trails to visit our towns and villages and chat with the local people. Look up and discover the manor houses, small palaces that have been restored, as a legacy of the noble families of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Finally, remember that there are many ways to wake up in the morning, but at the accommodation on the Rioja Alta Wine Route, we prefer you to wake up to the ringing of the bells of our churches, the crowing of the roosters at dawn and the aroma of a delicious breakfast with local, zero-kilometre products.

In short, a perfect destination to disconnect, savour and enjoy Easter. Where you will find a friendly and friendly service in a safe and peaceful environment, where you can discover temples of wine, centenary wineries, museums, routes of architectural interest, spaces for learning and fun.

Before you go, don’t forget to visit our “Agenda” section. Here you will find all the events that our partners have programmed for the coming days of Easter, with timetables, details and booking and contact forms so that you don’t miss out.