Boost the promotion of your activities on the new Wine Routes of Spain platform

Boost the promotion of your activities on the new Wine Routes of Spain platform
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The Rutas del Vino de España website has launched a new platform for the management of experiences and activities that all the members of the Rioja Alta Wine Route can use to promote and increase the scope of their tourism offer.

The aim of this new platform is to bring together all the wine tourism experiences of the companies and entities, and make them available to visitors who enter the website, which aspires to become the benchmark for wine tourism in our country.

As a result, this new platform will achieve greater national and international visibility for the activities of the Rioja Alta Wine Route.

To upload content, member companies must register at: Subsequently, the technical office will verify their membership of the Route and will enable them to create new experiences.

What types of experiences will be accommodated

An enotourist experience is understood to be an “activity related to the wine-growing wealth of a specific territory, whether through the landscape, vineyards, wineries, gastronomy, history etc., which also meets the criteria of uniqueness, authenticity and attractiveness for the enotourist and has a high experiential and innovative content”.

Requirements for participating companies:

  • To be a company, professional or entity adhered to a Wine Route of Spain.
  • To be legally constituted.
  • To provide the business activity in Spain.
  • Guarantee the quality of the experiences offered.

In addition, they must market tourist experiences that meet some of the following criteria:

  • Authentic and innovative nature of the proposal.
  • The experience must take place in a unique setting or space.
  • Encourage interaction with the environment.
  • Have a certain thematic character.
  • Offer fun, relaxation or escape.
  • Provoke emotions.
  • Offer limited access to certain resources.
  • Provide learning for participants.
  • Generate memorable elements.

The activity must be provided at least in Spanish and English, as we are addressing both national and international travellers.

Experiences should be published at least in Spanish and English.

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