Courage, tenacity and success, that is what the enterprising women of the Rioja Alta Wine Route are like

Courage, tenacity and success, that is what the enterprising women of the Rioja Alta Wine Route are like
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In this Entrepreneurial Women’s Day the Rioja Alta Wine Route would like to pay particular tribute to all our members. Winemakers, hoteliers, chefs… all of them successfully run their respective businesses.

They decided one day to undertake their own projects in the rural environment, with what it means in terms of job creation, settlement of the population and example for other entrepreneurs.

For all these reasons, and many others, today is the day to remember Blanca Baños, manager of Bohedal Winery in Cuzcurrita, and one of the first women to assume this position in a Rioja Wine España winery; or Silvia del Campo from Calado 1880 Winery in Cenicero.

On this day, we also cannot forget about Carmen Enciso,  winemaker for 30 years and a founding member of Valenciso Winery in Ollauri, nor of course of the Ayagar Wineries in Hormilleja, with Marivi directing it since 2004.

There are also many women in the tourism sector, such as Elena Maiso and his newly opened cottage El Mirador de Eloísa in Rodezno; or Laura Lopez, in the front of an old 17th century mansion that has been restored and converted into the Hospederia Teatrisso in Cuzcurrita.


But there is much more female presence in the tourist hotel sector, as is the case with Angela Gomez, who restored an 18th century mansion to make it one of the first rural hotels to be opened in La Rioja: the Señorío de Briñas Hostelry.

Also, we would like to mention to Mari Cruz Díaz, promoter and manager of the Rural House El Mesón, en Briones, name which is related to the old use of the house: a  “meson” where the owner’s grandparents purchase and sale the wine. Or Mariola Sáez Monge, who, together with Jesús, run the family restaurant Casa Toni, founded by their parents in 1960 in San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

We also remember Berta Montoya who together with her husband revived an old 19th century inn to transform it into what it is today: the Posada de Sajazarra which keeps a good part of its original essence intact. In the case of the Hotel La Capellanía there are two women, Mercedes Larrea y Clara Martinez de Salinas who founded this boutique hotel by occupying a manor house from 1798.

Mayang Sáez Pombo also decided to make a 180-degree career change by restoring a stately 18th-century stone building to make it The Apothecary’s House  a charming hotel dedicated to wine tourism.

In the field of restoration, we cannot fail to mention Giorgia Mariani, The restaurant’s manager The Duke’s Figon in Navarrete.

In recent years, new projects have also emerged in the tourism sector, such as Rioja In Style, The company is dedicated to the creation of tailor-made routes in La Rioja, directed by María Eugenia Benito, the bed & breakfast style hostel, Tinto Dreams Hostel in Haro, captained by its very young director Deborah Grau. Or the tourist apartments Rioja Valley in Cenicero, which Soraya Saez opened this very summer.

All of them show the entrepreneurial and determined character of women. That even in these complicated times for the tourism and catering sector they make their respective businesses grow and give life to the towns in which they are settled.

To all you enterprising women, thank you for your courage.