Discover the Wine Route and its Wine Trails by bike

Discover the Wine Route and its Wine Trails by bike
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Through its paths, trails and routes, La Rioja Alta becomes an idyllic setting for cycling. If cycling is your favourite means of transport and you are looking for an excuse to make one of the first outings of the year, there is a trail for you on our route.

Although there are many ways to discover the corners of La Rioja Alta, one of the ones we like the most is by bike. Going out into nature, breathing fresh air and cycling through the different shades of the countryside and towns of our territory is always a good idea, but it is an even better idea to do it on one of our Wine Trails.

You will be welcomed by the vineyards, the municipalities, the traditions, the gastronomy and the plans of the members of the Route.

With each pedal stroke, you will get a little closer to the end of the route, although we warn you that you won’t want it to end. Even so, don’t worry, because there will always be kilometres to cover, plans to enjoy and trails to discover.


The best panoramic views pass through Cenicero

Although somewhat demanding, the 33 kilometres of this trail are perfect for a day’s cycling, which, between ascents and descents, will take you along the banks of the Najerilla and Ebro rivers.

The ascents will take you to the top of El Picón hill, from where you can admire panoramic views and take a break before resuming the route.

As every ascent entails a descent, this trail will take you to the agricultural culture of Cenicero, its vineyards and its vineyards so that you can discover its irrigation systems and the colours and aromas of the territory.

A historical route along the Ebro

History and nature combine on the Ebro Trail, which starts in the municipality of Briñas and runs for 15 kilometres, taking in medieval bridges, cave wine presses and old mills.

As well as historical sites that help you to understand the origins and culture of the area, on this trail, as you would expect from its name, you will have the River Ebro as your travelling companion. There will also be vineyards and huts marking stretches of the route and guiding you towards the end in San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

A bike ride through the towns of Bajo Oja

Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, Sajazarra or Tirgo, any of these three municipalities can be the start and end of this circular route through the Bajo Oja. In all of them you will also find reasons to stop and recharge your batteries with some of the typical dishes of our region.

The more than 20 kilometres that run through and link the three municipalities are easy to cycle, accessible and of moderate difficulty, making it an ideal route for discovering the beauty of this area.


Visit the hermitages and dolmens of the Route

Are you looking for an excursion through the towns, fields and hermitages of La Rioja? This trail alternates the urban areas of San Vicente de la Sonsierra and Ábalos with the outskirts, where you can park your bike for a few minutes to discover the Santa María de la Piscina complex.

Its hermitage and ancient village hide centuries of history and legends that you will inevitably have to leave behind to get back on your bike and head towards the Cascaja Dolmen and the village of Peciña.

Before reaching the end of this trail, you will also have the opportunity to cycle to the necropolis of Hornillos and finish your visit among tombs and hermitages.

A historical route along the River Ebro

From Briones to Cenicero, the 23 kilometres of this trail follow the Ebro River and are perfect for cycling, as the terrain is flat and easy. However, the river is not the only thing that marks the path and the rhythm of your pedalling, as you will be approaching the castle of Davalillo, which will be your first challenge.

You can’t miss a visit around the castle and the adjacent hermitage (remember to arrange a visit if you want to see inside) before getting back on your bike and starting the descent that will take you back to the edge of the river Ebro. The landscape of old stone buildings will be replaced by lush vegetation and the sound of birds.

A little further on, the river will be left behind again for you and your bike to zigzag between vineyards, orchards and poplars before setting a final course towards Cenicero.

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