Finca Valpiedra obtains the ‘WFCP’ certificate, the highest recognition in environmental sustainability for wineries.

Finca Valpiedra obtains the ‘WFCP’ certificate, the highest recognition in environmental sustainability for wineries.
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Finca Valpiedra, one of the five Familia Martínez Bujanda wineries, has achieved the ‘Wineries for Climate Protection’ certificate, the highest distinction in environmental sustainability for wineries. This prestigious international recognition is an achievement for the family, which reaffirms its firm commitment to sustainability and ecology in its estate, located in Fuenmayor (La Rioja).

Finca Valpiedra, which has been part of the Asociación Grandes Pagos de España since its beginnings, has a privileged location, in one of the meanders formed by the Ebro River as it passes through La Rioja. Its spectacular landscape, distributed in three terraces that go down to the river itself, is divided into fifteen different plots with altitudes of over 400 metres.

Finca Valpiedra reaffirms its environmental strategy after achieving this certificate, which is another step forward in the work that was already being carried out in all the family’s wineries, and for which they work conscientiously every day. In their crops, the use of pesticides and metals has been reduced to zero to reach a 100% organic production. The use of water resources has been optimised and all of them have photovoltaic installations for self-consumption.

But it doesn’t stop here, as they take advantage of any factor that follows this line, such as the optimisation of the architecture of each winery. In addition, natural cork stoppers are used for the wines, which have a positive energy balance, and the weight of the bottles has been reduced by 10% without losing image.

And the vine shoots from pruning are used to create clean biomass energy; in this sense, the remains of the grape harvest after vinification are composted to obtain organic fertiliser that is returned to the vineyard.

The future of the vineyard is linked to sustainable agriculture that respects the environment. For this reason, and for years, Familia Martínez Bujanda‘s tradition in vine cultivation has driven them to seek solutions that improve the performance of their vineyards and that, at the same time, are sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Promoted by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV), ‘Wineries for Climate Protection’ emerged in 2015 as the only specific certification that exists in this field and enjoys great prestige both nationally and internationally. It is based on four environmental pillars: reducing energy consumption, water consumption, emissions and waste; although, as of January 2023, the criteria included in the label have been extended to include aspects related to social, economic and governance sustainability.