Crianza – Reserva, Organic, single varietal, kosher wine.

Bodegas Señorío de Líbano, high altitude vineyards with a unique climate. 48 hectares of vineyards, half of which are organically farmed, located in the most north-western part of La Rioja Alta, specifically in the villages of Sajazarra, Vilaseca de Rioja, Galbarruli and Castilseco. Bodegas Señorío de Líbano delights us with visits throughout the year, taking us to the history, culture and heritage of the exterior of its 15th century castle, touring its high altitude vineyards, exploring its boutique winery, wine culture and finishing with a tasting of its reommium or emblematic wines harmonised with local products in the purest Rioja style.
The winery offers activities for all tastes, such as a PREMIUM TASTING visit of its most emblematic DIGMA wines in a 15th century cellar, as well as a TASTING TOUR OF SAJAZARRA CASTLE visiting different places and the exterior of the castle. The TASTING IN A BALLOON experience ‘A ride through the clouds’ with a lunch harmonised with KM0 products. And the PURO RIOJA experience to enjoy our gastronomy in the purest Rioja style. All the experiences are available on their website and reservations are required by emailing
The vineyard is the essence of Bodega Castillo de Sajazarra, located in the “Golden Mile” of La Rioja. Our work philosophy is based on respect for the land that provides us with a way of understanding wine and is based on four fundamental principles.
1. We are winegrowers. We know that the quality of a wine begins in the field and that is why we are 100% self-sufficient. All the vineyards are owned by the winery and are cultivated by ourselves. We do not buy grapes or wine. Our maxim is “less bata and more bota”.
2. Maximum respect for the environment and the product, inside and outside the winery. Part of our vineyards are organically grown, and the rest are managed in integrated production, maintaining a balanced and living ecosystem. Inside the winery we take the utmost care of the wine. We do not filter, clarify or refrigerate our red wines.
3. We only produce wines of the highest quality we are capable of, with the aim of producing the best wine in the world.
4. We make our wines with the consumer’s enjoyment in mind, wines with a “long drink”, as we say here, easy to drink but at the same time complex and elegant.

Other interesting information:

When you visit us or come to our Wine Bar, you can learn about our history, discover how we make our wines and enjoy the sensations they provoke. During the visit, you will tour the vineyard at the foot of the estate, as well as the innovative winemaking facilities and taste two of our wines. The landscape is dreamlike, with a spectacular geography at the foot of the crags of Jembres and Montes Obarenes and you will discover one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Sajazarra, where you will follow the Romanesque route and, until the 16th century, a Jewish quarter still present, where on the right jamb of some of its houses, you can still see, carved in stone, the hole for the mezuzah, the parchment with two verses of the Torah.

Visits to the winery

  • Opening hours till 31 August: Appointments are essential at +34 679 494 047 (Marisa).
  • Price: 30€ (includes visit to the vineyards, guided tour of the winery, tasting of 2 wines and small aperitif).
  • Languages: Spanish, English.
  • Activities: Tasting. Sale of other products. Wine shop. Visit to the winery.
  • Wine Bar: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. in the cellar courtyard.


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