The hermitage of San Juan or Santo Cristo de los Remedios is a beautiful building with a centralised structure located in the centre of the historic quarter of Briones. It was built between 1737 and 1748 on the site of the old hermitage of San Juan. On the façade there is a niche with the image of San Juan, the patron saint of the original church.
The hermitage we can see today was built by the master builder Juan Bautista Arbaizar, assisted by his son-in-law Ignacio de Elejalde. It is remarkable for its octagonal plan inscribed in a rectangle and its large central dome. Inside, altarpieces, paintings and carvings from the period are preserved.
It is delimited by cylindrical buttresses and has a lintelled entrance with a mixtilinear moulding between Corinthian columns that support the entablature. In the second section there is a niche between pilasters with the typical mixtilinear moulding finials. The image that guards this niche reminds us that the chapel was built on top of the previous ruined chapel of San Juan Bautista. The façade ends with the single-egg belfry that crowns the whole.
The three altarpieces in the chancel are 18th century Rococo style, with images of virgins and saints. The Cristo de los Remedios is in this hermitage from the September Cross to the May Cross, the rest of the year the hollow is empty as the Christ is in the local parish church.


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