Mystery and romance. Fog is one of the usual elements of our landscape. There are many days a year that we can find our territory or a part of it covered by low cloud cloaks that offer us some of the most representative images of our landscape.

Fog is an accumulation of small particles of water that form a more or less dense layer in contact with the Earth's surface. They are too light drops to precipitate what causes this mass of clouds that remain in contact with the Earth. It appears for various causes but it has to be produced by the combination of different elements, cold, presence of water, particles of dust in suspension so that the water can be condensed on them,...

In our area are linked to a large extent to the presence of the river, one of the key elements of our landscape. And it generates a beautiful effects that not by usual are less beautiful.

It is spectacular to contemplate the bed of the covered river, while the adjoining grounds are completely clear. Or see how they emerge from it some very significant elements of our heritage such as the Castle of Davalillo, Briones or the castle of St. Vincent as Islands in the midst of a sea of clouds. Or contemplate from the height the trace of an immense white river that, following the Ebro, is drawn in our horizon.

It is also curious how often in the territory the Foehn effect occurs when the hot and humid air ascends through a mountainside. The water vapour is cooled and there is a condensation effect that causes that, on the top of the mountain there is an important mass of clouds that is literally stuck to the top of the mountain and that descends by the opposite slope with more or less occupation of Surface.

How many times have we seen this process in the Sierra de Cantabria? A cottony mass that perfectly draws the silhouette of the saw against the Blue sky. Quite a spectacle.

The opportunity to contemplate the landscape with this effect of fog is very striking and always of great beauty. A way to enjoy different views and to approach one of the climatic situations that have so much influence on our land and our cultivation. One more element to enjoy our scenery.





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