Landscapes of Rioja Alta

If something characterizes Rioja Alta it is its landscapes. multiple and diverse. With the vineyard as a fundamental protagonist, and with a multitude of elements that bring a high degree of singularity and beauty to them.

The variety of the relief offers infinite plans that bring diversity and perspective. The Sierra de Cantabria, the hills that the river has been leaving as witnesses of the past in its long process of erosion, terraces or plains covered with vineyards. And among them, oteros from which we can discover fantastic panoramas.

Villages, castles and traditional constructions also stand out in this landscape. Some of the most unique villages perch at the top of the elevations, trimming their silhouettes on the horizon. Others on the other hand mimic the terrain, bent on integrating into it. Some castles also stand out, secular guardians of space; Two particularly noteworthy are: Davalillo and the Castillo de San Vicente.

The variety and richness of the colors is another of the highlighted elements. Changing with the cycle of the year, they reach their maximum splendor in the fall, when an incredible chromatic diversity floods the countryside. Diversity fruit of the wonderful cycle of the vine, but also of a model of cultivation distributed in small plots and with the diverse varieties of grape interspersed. It is definitely the autumn one magical moment that well deserves the visit just for the enjoyment of our view.

A warp of roads and the essential bridges necessary to be able to overcome the rivers shape lines in space. They tell us about the need for communications that this region has always had, without which Rioja wine could not have achieved its worldwide diffusion.

We can also observe small agrarian constructions. Among those that emphasize the guardaviñas that our attentive gaze will be able to discover without difficulty distributed in all the corners.

The scenery is one of the main attractions of our route. An agrarian, humanized landscape that allows us to discover the current and past realities of the territory. Built with the effort of generations that, little by little, have been modeling one of the most important winemaking areas of the planet.

A pleasure for our senses that you can't miss.

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