Davalillo Castle

San Asensio (La Rioja)

13th century Romanesque. Along with the Hermitage and remains of other buildings, is located on a hill over the river Ebro, protecting the lands of the Sonsierra and Rioja Alta of the attacks Navarro.

It is made in ashlars, reinforced in the corners with round cubes, giving place to a polygonal form, of seven sides, of which is part, in the eastern end the tower of the homage, of square plant, attached to the wall, housing the chapel in the ground floor.

In the inner courtyard of the fortress there are corbels and rozas that point to the existence of warehouses, blocks and other complementary constructions.

In this place where the castle and the Hermitage are located, there was a small town called Davalillo.

Alfonso X, in the eighteenth century, donated to Davalillo the place of San Asensio, becoming Davalillo a town of some importance. Already in 1515 the villa denotes its growth.

Después de la guerra entre Pedro I «El Cruel» y Enrique II, al fragmentarse La Rioja en señoRÍOs, se iniciará la decadencia de Davalillo que aumentará con las luchas entre los tenentes del castillo y los señores de la villa, aumentando así la población de San Asensio.

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