Presentation of the meetings with the Rioja Alta Wine Route

Presentation of the meetings with the Rioja Alta Wine Route
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On Tuesday 28 September, the first of the “Encounters with the Rioja Alta Wine Route” was held at the Centro Riojano in Madrid. Attendees were able to discover why Rioja Alta is the perfect destination to disconnect, savour and enjoy with all five senses all the wonders of an ancient territory.

The event began with the presentation of the Rioja Alta Wine Route by Mr. Félix Caperos, Mayor of Casalarreina, Member of the Parliament of La Rioja and Secretary of ADRA (Association for the Development of the Rioja Alta). He opened the event and invited everyone to live and feel Rioja Alta.

After him, the Riojan writer, trainer and lecturer Andrés Pascual told a storytelling-style account of all the charms of La Rioja, such as unusual places to discover, hidden routes and authentic and unmissable experiences: “On the Rioja Alta Wine Route, travellers are immersed in a wine culture that permeates everything else. Because in the Rioja Alta wine is not only drunk; wine is lived. It is part of the great celebrations, but also of the small everyday ceremonies of everyday life. Because, in the end, that is what living is all about: celebrating every moment. Every meal in good company, every conversation with a loved one. I trust that many will follow the Wine Routes. Because what it is all about is that they experience the region in depth and write their own personal novel”. A tireless traveller, Andrés is a great ambassador of his land and captivated all those present with his anecdotes, stories and curiosities of Rioja Alta.

After his speech, José Ignacio Junguitu, a passionate communicator in viticulture, oenology and sensory analysis, held a relaxed tasting session with Andrés Pascual. Both presented different wines produced by partner wineries of the Rioja Alta Wine Route.

In La Rioja, wine culture can be felt, smelled, and shown off in each of its municipalities. And the Rioja Alta Wine Route is a destination where this legacy is even more deeply rooted. There, wine has left an indelible mark forged over time, and has been translated into a series of wineries, restaurants, accommodation and cultural, natural and ethnographic proposals for all audiences.

But if we only think of La Rioja as synonymous with wine and wineries, we would be making a serious mistake. Because its greatness is also due to its history, its heritage and the richness that comes with being a crossroads and melting pot of cultures. This is probably why its people are hospitable and generous to visitors.

Those who visit the Rioja Alta area seek to experience and enjoy with all five senses all the wonders that this ancient territory has to offer: gastronomic pairings with km 0 food, visits to medieval villages, dolmens, hermitages, necropolises or ancient restored buildings. Those who prefer quiet, sophisticated, avant-garde, designer places will also find their place in this land… always with a touch of authenticity, with the personal and close treatment offered by the people of La Rioja.

The Rioja Alta Wine Route as a destination offers a model of tourism based on rural, natural environments, far from crowds, with high quality outdoor activities. The members make up a heterogeneous group with a varied and enriching offer. There are plans for adventurers, foodies, winelovers, seniors, romantics and families. Everyone has a place on the Rioja Alta Wine Route.



This area offers a wide range of experiences to enjoy in La Rioja. A thousand-year-old heritage, a legacy that marks a way of understanding life. Rural destinations, charming villages, historic monuments, wineries, accommodation, wine cellars, wine cellars, restaurants, wine and gastronomy experiences full of tradition, art and magic.

In short, a land where you can find a friendly and friendly service in a safe and peaceful environment, where you can discover temples of wine, centuries-old wineries, museums, routes of architectural interest, spaces for learning and fun, rural tourism, village festivals… An endless number of activities to escape a thousand and one times to the land with the name of wine which, as its slogan says, will always be ‘Close to you’.