For more than half a century, in the month of July, the Riojan town of Nájera has been taking to the stage to showcase its exciting medieval history. Stories, rites, legends… characters, some of them real and others legendary, which together with the music and the light create a unique atmosphere from which stories emerge, mixing fantasy and reality, and which manage to immerse the spectator in medieval Nájera.


The originality of the celebration, its popular roots, its cultural value together with its capacity to attract visitors, its regular and uninterrupted celebration on an easily determinable date have been key factors in the Reino de Nájera show being declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in La Rioja.

Ruta-del-Vino-de-Rioja-Alta-Reino-de-Najera Ruta-del-Vino-de-Rioja-Alta-Reino-de-Najera







Pictures: Carmelo Betolaza.