Rioja Alta Wine Route: Unforgettable experiences for the Constitution Day long weekend

Rioja Alta Wine Route: Unforgettable experiences for the Constitution Day long weekend
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The Rioja Alta Wine Route is in perfect harmony with the autumn weather. Our gastronomy and our wines go perfectly with this season of the first cold weather, with cool nights and mornings and sunny afternoons. So, if you are planning a getaway for the next long weekend of the Constitution, you are in the best place you could imagine.

Did you know that our route has been chosen as one of the most important in the world, according to the publication The Wine Routes of The World? Whether it’s because of our incredible landscapes dotted with castles, medieval bridges and charming villages or because of the endless experiences we can offer you, it’s no wonder that, before you leave, you already feel like you want to come back.

With your friends, with your family, as a couple, our companies and partners can offer you leisure and adventure activities on the Rioja Alta Wine Route to suit your interests and your budget. If you fancy horse riding among the vineyards, you can do it; if you prefer to visit the city with the highest concentration of hundred-year-old wineries in the world, you can do it too; if you want to escape the crowds and prefer something more exclusive, you can take a private tour just for you and your companions.


Other of the most popular activities are visits to the wineries where the great Rioja wines are made, tastings at the foot of the vineyards or hot-air balloon flights to observe the majestic seas of vines. But if you opt for cultural wine tourism, you should know that the Rioja Alta Wine Route is an open-air museum: full of mural art, artistic heritage and an internationally recognised jewel: the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture, considered one of the best in the world.

All these experiences are available all year round. But, in addition, in our “Agenda” section you will find the events scheduled for the coming weeks.

Our accommodation is also specially prepared for the cold weather at this time of year. On the Rioja Alta Wine Route you will find hotels with private jacuzzi perfect for couples; warm and cosy flats, ideal for families with children and, of course, rural houses for endless conversations and laughter with friends next to a good fireplace.

And when you leave what will be your home for a few days, it’s time to visit some of our wineries, get to know some of our 77 municipalities in depth and enjoy the best table and tablecloth. Don’t think that our famous gastronomy is only based on vine-shoot chops and Rioja-style potatoes. In fact, and you probably didn’t know this, La Rioja has the honour of being the region with the most Michelin stars per inhabitant in the whole of Spain: five in total.  With such a distinction, in this land we boast, not without reason, of having been able to fuse the best of several generations.

In short, experiences with flavour and sensations that will remain engraved forever in your memory. Always, Close to you.