The Rioja Alta Wine Route is a place where you can live with friendliness, with tranquillity, where the traveller can choose his own rhythm without the journey being undeserved. A destination where age is not a problem, on the contrary, an environment where you can enjoy the peace of nature and soak up the culture of wine, making the trip an unforgettable experience.

Municipalities where you can discover the unique history that time has woven around the world of wine, with the characteristics of its own vicissitudes in the form of social, ethnographic and monumental traces. A territory where wine is both legend and reality. Not in vain, it is home to the largest number of hundred-year-old wineries in the world. Large, small, family-run, artisanal… as many as have given rise to dozens of generations dedicated to cultivating and producing a wine that gives its name to its own land.

Here, wine has left an indelible mark forged over time, and has resulted in a set of wineries, restaurants, accommodation and cultural, natural and ethnographic proposals for all audiences. Come and join us on this new journey through La Rioja.