Battle of the claret of San Asensio

One of the last Sundays of July, is celebrated in the town riojana of San Asensio the famous "Battle of Claret". The claret is a type of fresh, young wine that is made in this area of La Rioja Alta. For this reason, San Asensio is known in the world of wine as "the cradle of Claret Wine".

At 12 a.m. the municipal Corporation and the authorities are headed from the town hall to the place where the battle will take place, the so-called Cerrillo verbale, commonly known as the neighborhood of the wineries because there are some private wineries Where once the wine was made in a handcrafted fashion.

The authorities begin the battle, which floods the people of their most precious good; The so-called claret wine. 30,000 liters are donated by the cooperatives and wineries in the area for participants to load the sulphates, water pistols, buckets and all kinds of instruments that will be turned into harmless weapons against an enemy huge host: anyone who passes through Around. Always in harmony and good atmosphere.

With the shirts dyed purple by the claret begins the descent dancing to the son of the Charanga de San Asensio, to get to the Plaza Vieja place where the traditional "laps".

Later, around 14 hours, participants approach the Plaza Nueva and can finish the morning with a tour of the local bars tasting their famous skewers.

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