Travel along the Rioja Alta Wine Route without leaving your home

The best trips are enjoyed months before they take place. Specifically, as soon as you imagine them. That is the aim of the new audiovisual campaign of the Rioja Alta Wine Route: to awaken the desire to get to know this land and make wine tourists travel from their home to what will become their new destination.

For this purpose, four thematic videos have been recorded, corresponding to specific interests: gastronomy, accommodation, adventure and wine tourism, as well as a fifth video with a general theme, which shows stunning locations and dream landscapes in Rioja Alta. As for the audience, these screenings are aimed at all kinds of profiles: couples, groups of friends, families, adults…

Dynamic and agile recordings that become small visual pills to show all the potential of the Rioja Alta Wine Route: centenary wineries, museums, routes of architectural interest, spaces for learning and fun, rural tourism, village festivals… Images that let the imagination run wild and, most importantly, awaken the interest of future visitors.

The video dedicated to gastronomy shows that the Rioja Alta Wine Route is a perfect destination to enjoy good food. It is not in vain that we hold the honour of being the region with the most Michelin-starred restaurants per inhabitant in the whole of Spain. With this endorsement, we can boast of a gastronomy that transports you to the learned and inherited cuisine, but also to one that has managed to fuse the best of several generations. Experiences with smell, taste and memorable sensations.

In the specific recording of accommodation we can see that here, on the Rioja Alta Wine Route, resting like a baby and feeling at home is a reality within everyone’s reach. Tourist flats ideal for families with children, charming hotels for lovers or rural houses for groups of friends. Whatever your needs may be, you will find a solution with the quality, excellence and peace of mind guaranteed by the seal awarded by the Rioja Alta Wine Route.

We couldn’t forget the most popular activities for youngsters and families: adventure activities. In the video dedicated to them, you’ll get your teeth set on fire when you see quad biking, hot air balloon rides or cycling trails. Endless possibilities to get your pulse racing.

Finally, we could not forget the greatest attractions of the Rioja Alta, which have made it internationally famous: its wineries. These temples where the great wines of Rioja are made and bred offer activities such as walks through centuries-old cellars and wine cellars or tastings at the foot of the vineyards and natural settings such as viewpoints where you can rest your eyes while contemplating the sea… of vineyards! of vineyards! In the recording dedicated to wine tourism you can start dreaming about them.

The Rioja Alta Wine Route is the perfect destination to disconnect, savour, rest, enjoy and lose yourself in nature. You can check it out right now by accessing the Youtube channel of the Rioja Alta Wine Route. Since its launch, less than a month ago, the video summary of the campaign has reached almost 11,000 views.

Come and join us on this new journey through Rioja Alta.