37,5 km. 41 minutes

  • Cenicero
  • Uruñuela

7,9 km. 9 min.

  • Uruñuela
  • Huércanos

2,2 km. 4 min.

  • Huércanos
  • Navarrete

14,7 km. 13 min.

  • Navarrete
  • Cenicero

12,7 km. 15 min.

Cenicero is one of the towns with the greatest tradition of wine, in fact, a large part of its economy is based on agriculture, the wine production of its large wineries and the auxiliary industry. Centuries-old wineries and traditional caves are distributed throughout the town and coexist with sites of Celtic, Iberian and Roman cultures that are testimony to its long history.

Following this fourth route, we access the town of Uruñuela, where within its church of San Servando and San Germán we can enjoy four beautiful rococo altarpieces, made of wood.

Without leaving the vineyard landscape, we reach Huércanos, whose wine cooperative warns us of the importance of wine to the economy of its neighbors. Already in the urban area, the church of San Pedro and different manor houses deserves to be visited.

From here, we head to Navarrete, an excellent and unique pottery municipality in La Rioja. Tradition and linkage with pottery are reflected in the factories that still exist (most of them from the 1980s); in artistic pieces such as the sculpture ‘Homage to the Potter’ by the Riojan artist, Oscar Cenzano; as well as in the annual celebration of the NACE pottery fair.

In addition to this professional and economic specialization that maintains its mark in the municipality, Navarrete houses heritage jewelry in the form of buildings of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with outstanding heraldic elements and hardware. Among them stands out the cover of its cemetery, late Romanesque style, one of the few buildings that remain in La Rioja.

“All municipalities house heritage gems that invite you to be strolled”





  • Iglesia de San Martín
  • Crucero
  • Ermita Virgen del Valle


  • Iglesia San Servando y San Germán
  • Ermita Virgen del Patrocinio


  • Iglesia de San Pedro
  • Rollo jurisdiccional
  • Ermita de San Pantaleón


  • Iglesia Santa María de la Asunción
  • Puerta románica del cementerio
  • Ruinas del Hospital San Juan de Acre
  • Camino Ignaciano