34 km. 42 minutes

  • Haro
  • Briñas

4,8 km. 8 min.

  • Briñas
  • San Vicente de la Sonsierra

8,5 km. 11 min.

  • San Vicente de la Sonsierra
  • Ábalos

5,9 km. 7 min.

  • Ábalos
  • Haro

14,8 km. 16 min.

The territory of La Rioja Alta has many manor houses that will be the protagonists of our second walk. They are built with ashlar stones and date back to the 16th, 17th and, to a lesser extent, 18th centuries.

The raison of being of these unique buildings was to serve as small palaces for noble families of the time. With them they showed their rank and distinction and, today, they are homes, public establishments, as well as hotels and restaurants that show the splendor of yesteryear.

Much of the municipalities of La Ruta del Vino Rioja Alta are home to these majestic buildings. In Abalos, for example, stand out the palace of the Virrey of Abalos and the house of the Marquis of Legarda. Briñas, also hosts numerous well-preserved house with the beautiful uniqueness of feeling the Ebro River inside its foundations. Finally, the municipality of San Vicente de la Sonsierra treasures numerous houses of this type in addition to an extraordinary medieval bridge, built in the thirteenth century and rehabilitated in the sixteenth century.




  • Ermita del Humilladero
  • Crucero
  • Iglesia Virgen de la Asunción
  • Barrio de Bodegas

San Vicente de la Sonsierra:

  • Ermita de la Vera Cruz
  • Puente Medieval
  • Castillo – Fortaleza
  • Ermita Sta. María de la Piscina
  • Iglesia Sta. María la Mayor
  • Lagares y necrópolis


  • Palacio Marqueses de Legarda
  • Lagares rupestres
  • Iglesia de San Estéban Protomartir