30,6 km. 46 minutes

  • Haro
  • Casalarreina

7,1 km. 11 min.

  • Casalarreina
  • Tirgo

3,7 km. 5 min.

  • Tirgo
  • Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón

1,3 km. 4 min.

  • Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón
  • Sajazarra

6,6 km. 10  min.

  • Sajazarra
  • Haro

11,9 km. 16 min.

Walking through the villages that we propose in this route, is to enjoy a great variety of monuments and styles from different periods that show much of its historical vicissitudes.

Romanesque hermitages and bridges; ecclesiastical buildings, walls and fortresses of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and hidalgo houses belonging to the wealthy families of other eras, make up much of the treasures that the visitor can find in these five municipalities.

In Casalarreina, it is worth knowing the Dominican monastery of La Piedad, in Elizabethan and Plateresque Gothic style, which was declared ‘Historical Ensemble’ in 1975. Also, in this town, the church of San Martín, the palace of Pobes and that of the Constables of Castile.

In Tirgo, two constructions of the 10th and 12th centuries stand out, the monastery of Santa Maria and the Romanesque church of El Salvador.

For its part, Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón deserves a walk through its streets sheltered by the seating and the strategic orientation of its buildings, as well as get to know the imposing castle of the Velasco.

We will end up in Sajazarra where, after the visit to its charming and beautiful urban area, we will enjoy its impressive wall (S. XIII) and the Puerta del Arco (the only one that is preserved of the four that it had). Likewise, we will enjoy the unique castle of the fifteenth century, completely rehabilitated.

“Strolling through these villages is enjoying a great monumental variety and styles”




  • Monasterio Sta. Mª. De La Piedad
  • Palacio Condestables de Castilla
  • Palacio de Pobes


  • Monasterio Sta. Mª de Tirgo
  • Iglesia El Salvador
  • Casas de sillería y escudos de los siglos XVII y XVIII

Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón:

  • Castillo de los Velasco
  • Iglesia de San Miguel
  • Ermita Virgen de Tironcillo
  • Ermita Sorejana


  • Castillo – Palacio
  • Restos de la muralla
  • Iglesia Virgen de la Asunción