San Vicente de la Sonsierra

At the fountain in the Plaza Mayor we get water, as we will not find any fountains on our route, we head towards the hermitage of San Roque and turn right (QR information sign on the façade of the Casa de la Villa). At the end of the street we turn left (QR information sign installed) and continue along Calle del Prado, where we will find a QR information sign indicating our way. Turn left and continue along the asphalted road until you reach the LR124 road (a signpost with QR information is installed).
Towards the middle of the road you will find a milestone with a QR. Take your time and scan the QR, it will help you to enjoy the landscape of the surrounding vineyards. Very dangerous crossing! Be extremely careful, this is a very busy road. Continue straight on along the road, but first, scan the QR on the directional milestone to get information about the vineyard landscape.

On the left hand side of the road there is a milestone with two directional arrows. Turn off the path a few metres to visit this curious construction linked to the vineyard landscape and wine culture, but first, scan the QR to obtain information about this vineyard guard. Then retrace your steps to continue ascending the Camino de la Madera towards the Lagares de Hornillo. On the right hand side of the path there is an information board with two directions. Turning right, after about 100 metres, you will find the Hornillo wine presses and cave press (there is an informative QR on the site).



Then you will have to retrace your steps to continue along the Camino de la Madera to the Necropolis of San Andrés.

You will find a milestone indicating that you should continue up the path, but first you should turn left to visit the Necropolis of San Andrés (you will find an informative QR on the sign at the entrance).

Follow the direction of the information signpost that tells you to continue along the Camino de la Madera (right), another junction, this time to the left; continue along the path and you will see how the pine woods begin to accompany the vineyard, due to the altitude you are at.

La Nava viewpoint (638 metres)

Take a break and enjoy the views of the Ebro Valley with the Sierra de la Demanda in the background. How many villages can you spot?

Continue on our way and turn left (you will find a milestone with an informative QR). Descend with views of the valley in the background until you reach the hermitage of San Martín. The Hermitage of San Martín is a Romanesque construction from the mid-12th century. It has an information panel and QR code.
We continue our route along the path on the left (you will find an information signpost). Scan the QR code and you will get information about the local wineries (you can see some of them on your way).
We will find a milestone that will guide us to the right. Follow the “old road” until you reach the roundabout. We will show you how to get to the “Calvario”, a very special place from where you can enjoy a 360º view of the landscape.

Very dangerous roundabout!!! road with high traffic density. Cross on the left side of the road and please be very careful. From here you can see in front of you the milestone marking the way to “El Calvario”. Follow the signpost and continue up the path. Continue along the path, scan the QR if you want to get more information about the place you are going to visit.