59 km. 55 minutes

  • Logroño
  • Navarrete

13,9 km. 16 min.

  • Navarrete (ext.)
  • Fuenmayor

5,1 km. 8  min.

  • Navarrete
  • Nájera

17,2 km. 15 min.

  • Nájera
  • Logroño

27,9 km. 24 min.

“The hustle and bustle of Laurel Street preludes a road filled with wineries and excellent cuisine”

If the Camino de Santiago did not pass through La Rioja, it would have to be diverted, because the hospitality of this land is a reference point for visitors and pilgrims who want to get to know it.

The walkers arrive in Logroño from Navarra and cross the stone bridge over the Ebro, entering Calle Ruavieja, where the ancient “calados” of the city are currently located, and seeing the city line formed by the churches of Santa María de Palacio, the concathedral of La Redonda and Santiago, which they must then visit. The gastronomic stop is essential in the most famous streets of skewers and tapas, which are Laurel, San Juan and its surroundings and, of course, frequent one of the wineries of the capital of La Rioja.

From here, we will continue our itinerary following in the footsteps of the thousands of pilgrims who do so annually. We will start by visiting the pottery town of Navarrete (Route 4), which is a landmark of the Camino de Santiago and also the Ignatian Way.  From here, we will move to Fuenmayor, a municipality of great wine weight because of its dense area of vineyard, which is key in its economy, and by the wineries it hosts and should not be lost.

From here we will move to Nájera, popularly called ‘furniture capital’, for its business and commercial linkage to the manufacture and sale of furniture. The activity of this town and its region is also based on agriculture, especially in the vineyard. Patrimonially the monastery of Santa María la Real stands out, which was ordered to be built by King García Sánchez III in the 10th century and became an episcopal seat and royal pantheon.




  • Calle Laurel, calle San Juan
  • Concatedral de la Redonda
  • Iglesia de San Bartolomé
  • Muralla del Revellín
  • Revellín Histórico
  • Plaza de Abastos
  • Calado
  • Iglesia Santa María de Palacio


  • Iglesia Santa María de la Asunción
  • Portada románica del cementerio
  • Ruinas del Hospital San Juan de Acre
  • Camino Ignaciano


  • Barrio Histórico
  • Museo Najerillense
  • Iglesia de la Santa Cruz
  • Monasterio Santa María La Real


  • Iglesia de Santa María
  • Puente del Cristo
  • Casa de los Navajas
  • Ermita del Cristo