Easy route, flat of just over 20 kilometers starting from Briones. We can approach Davalillo Castle and from there walk parallel to the Ebro River between vines and poplars to the end in Cenicero.

Start Rivas de Tereso (00 minutes)

We leave the laundry area and head towards the Plaza. We continue until we reach the LR-317 road. We cross it and head south along the cemetery road. We pass in front of the cemetery and continue along the path until we reach the road again, continuing towards San Vicente. After about 200 meters we find a fork

  • To the right we can visit the La Tejera site (24 minutes). The presses located on the right of the road are made up of three typical elements with their corresponding torcos or tanks for the must
  • To the left we will visit the hermitage of La Llana and a small necropolis

We return to the fork and retrace our steps about 1230 meters along the road and turn right, continuing along the Pangua Trail to the ruins of the Pangua House

Pangua and Peña Hueca Presses (1 hour 4 minutes)

It is a Great Press, the largest of those located so far and one of the best known. A short distance away we find the Peña Hueca hermitage (6th century cave church)

We retrace our steps to the ruin of the Pangua House and continue along the path to the right until we reach the hill where the Gobate hermitages are located.

Gobate Eremittance (1 hour 43 minutes)

These are two hermitages with anthropomorphic tombs inside. One, the larger one, has the entrance to the south and the other to the east. In its surroundings there are several cave presses and we can see the remains of the Ermita de San Bartolomé better known as the Ermita de Orzales, which is accessed by a small path between two farms.

We retrace our steps until we reach the main road and walk towards Rivas de Tereso


Rivas de Tereso (2 hours 30 minutes)

End of the tour