Start San Asensio

Start of the route in the Plaza Vieja of San Asensio next to the general footpaths panel. From this point, continue the route along Avda. de La Rioja and take the first left. Here we can take the opportunity to visit the monument sculpture by Ibarrola.

Go up the street “Pecho de las Cuevas” until you reach its end and turn left into the street “Las Bodegas”. We walk along it until the end and go up it, entering the neighbourhood of the same name. From here the pavement is no longer concrete, but earth and small stones.

After several turns marked with coloured paint, we reach a path surrounded by vineyards and marked with markers that will guide us on our journey. A few metres further on, the path begins to offer good panoramic views of the Sonsierra of La Rioja and Alava. Finally we reach the Choza del Monte, a circular stone hut with a conical roof.

About 100 m further on there are good views of Mount San Lorenzo and Ventas de Briones. Return along the same route to the Barrio de las Bodegas and the Plaza Vieja de San Asensio.

Mountain Hut

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