Circular and easy route of just over 15 kilometers that part San Asensio. On this tour we can choose to walk among the choperas of the Najerilla River or approach Torremontalbo where we will visit the Tower of the Counts of Hervías.

The beginning of the tour is located in the Old Square of San Asensio to continue bordering the church and after walking several streets such as Fernando Torres, we leave the town along Camino Montalbo street.

Continue straight along the path of “La Matilla” until you reach the ring road and once over the road to the right that runs parallel to it for 400 m. then continuing the path on the left after the crossing of 4 roads until you reach the AP-68. (we went through a bump)

Go under the AP-68 motorway tunnel and continue along the road on the right (parallel to the AP-68) until 3500 m. of the route where we reach a crossroads.

Here are two options:

1st Option: “Main route to najerilla River”

We choose the path on the right, straight (parallel to the AP-68) to the choperas that can be spotted in the background, passing a junction of four paths that we will continue straight along the main road, leaving on the right a pass under the AP-68 (possibility of shortening the route along the road from Villarica) to below the Bridge of the AP-68 at 4,600 m. (at 1,100 m. from the junction of the variant to Torremontalbo) is the Najerilla River.

Once passed under the AP-68 and left behind the Najerilla River, turn left along villarrica road, for 900 m. (total so far 6,000 m.)

Turn right at the fork and continue for 2,700 m. straight all straight down the main road to a crossroads at 9,200 m. of travel where we will turn left and continue straight until we reach the point of return, from there we will return to the Old Square, starting point. (9,500 m.)

2nd Option: “Route to Torremontalbo”

We turn left towards Torremontalbo and at 500 m. we find the “Montalbo Road Cave” on the left side of the road. On the right side you can see the area of “Villarrica”.

We continue straight along the main road, leaving on both sides of the route accesses to several farms, and continuing straight at a junction of four paths to the area of the wineries at 5,700 m. of route. (2,200 m. after crossing).

We continue straight ahead and 200 m. arrived in Torremontalbo, where we can see the Strong Tower, Tower of the Counts of Hervías, of medieval trace and completed in the eighteenth century.

To finish the Route of Montalbo we must return on our steps to the crossing of the variant to Torremontalbo and follow the main route from this point.

Rivas de Tereso (2 hours 30 minutes)

End of the tour