We leave the Ermita del Santo Cristo hermitage towards the Plaza de España. Continue along the street until you reach Calle Cercas del Torreón. Go down Calle de la Estación until you reach the N-232 and turn right. After passing the Railway Station, turn left along the road behind the swimming pools. Turn off the path that runs alongside a wine cellar, and at the fork in the road, continue straight on through an area of vineyards.

Crossing the railway track (36 minutes) Leave the path by turning left and crossing the railway tracks. Continue to the right along the main path, walking through vineyards in a southerly direction, crossing the Valpierre stream further on. Continue along a small path until you reach the area of the old mining road.

Area of the old mining road (1 hour).

We walk halfway up the slope until we reach the path that turns to the right and takes us to the chapel of San Juan. Continue until you reach the hut and leave the main path turning to the left. Continue to the left along the track that goes up to the Hermitage and the Castle of Davalillo.

Hermitage and Castle of Davalillo

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