San Asensio

From the general footpaths panel in the Plaza Vieja of San Asensio we walk along the Avda. de La Rioja, pass the Civil Guard Barracks and after 1,100m. we turn left to reach the Monasterio de la Estrella, whose origins date back to the 11th century, nowadays used as an educational centre, it keeps the Gothic remains of the old convent.

We continue along the “Pared del Monasterio” until we reach the N-232, which we cross. After 2,500m we come to a crossroads where we continue straight on (the one on the right is a return path which we will take later, as this is a circular route).

Continue straight on, leaving several accesses on both sides of the road, and once you have crossed the San Juan bridge over the railway, continue along the path on the right. At this crossroads there will be a post with a double arrow that will identify the route of Davalillo and the Ebro Route. Continue straight on along the route. The castle of Davalillo can already be seen in the background, raised on a hill.

Davalillo Castle

We climb up the path to the hermitage of Santa María de Davalillo (visit by appointment), a 16th century building, remodelled in 1973, and the Castle of Davalillo, a 13th century Romanesque building with a 7-sided polygonal shape and made of ashlar masonry.

After visiting them, go down the other side following the route and straight on after the next crossroads we arrive at the Casa de Don Javier (a building in ruins). Continue along the main path, leaving accesses on both sides of the path. Along the walk you will reach the edge of the river Ebro. Nice views of the river, its vegetation, birds… and continuing away from it until we reach a level crossing without barriers that we will cross and continue straight on to reach the crossing at the beginning of the circular path.

From here we turn left and return along the same path, along the “Pared de la Estrella”, until we reach 11,300 m. turning right and straight on along Avda. de La Rioja again until we reach the Guardia Civil barracks, completing a total of 12,400 m. of route counting the start and finish in San Asensio.

San Asensio

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