describes the Rioja Alta Wine Route as “one of the most excellent in Spain”. describes the Rioja Alta Wine Route as “one of the most excellent in Spain”.
Uncategorized, an online platform dedicated to wine tourism worldwide, has published an extensive report on the Rioja Alta Wine Route, which it describes as “one of the most excellent wine routes in Spain”. Based in Suece, this digital platform connects wine tourists with wineries all over the world -currently more than 3,000 are referenced-, fourteen of which belong to the Rioja Alta Wine Route.

In its article, points out that “The Rioja Alta Wine Route is for people who want to experience the best Spanish wines, immerse themselves in the picturesque beauty of the Spanish landscape and sample the local gastronomic delights”.

In addition to its landscapes, historical and artistic importance, the platform highlights the 15 hiking routes scattered throughout the territory, and some of its most popular festivals and traditions, such as the Batalla del Clarete, in San Asensio; the Noches de San Lorenzo or the Batalla del Vino, in Haro.

“A wine tour can last from a few days to several weeks and include a variety of activities such as vineyard visits, tastings, visits to wineries and historic cellars and traditional restaurants where you can meet the winemakers in person. In addition, you can learn about culture and technology, as well as experience the centuries-old traditions of making famous Spanish wines,” they add.

Accompanied by an extensive photographic display, his report reviews our artistic and cultural heritage, and devotes a few lines to the most characteristic grape, Tempranillo, which he reports “represents more than 75% of all vineyards”. He also writes about some of the wineries in the area, of which he has highlighted fourteen.

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