ARAG-ASAJA campaigns to encourage consumption of Riojan foodstuffs

ARAG-ASAJA campaigns to encourage consumption of Riojan foodstuffs
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The agricultural organisation ARAG-ASAJA has launched a campaign to promote the consumption of Riojan foodstuffs. The campaign is called ‘The real taste of Christmas is very close’ and the Rioja Alta Wine Route has also collaborated in it to promote the agricultural sector and recognise the work of farmers and stockbreeders in La Rioja.

The agricultural organisation also seeks to promote direct sales to provide an outlet for products such as wine, beef, kid and lamb, which are some of the products that are suffering the most from the restrictive measures of this health crisis.

Another of the objectives of this campaign is to provide a positive view of the origin and quality of all the food produced in La Rioja.

This initiative continues the work set in motion with the project ‘Better the Closer’ in which ARAG-ASAJA, with the collaboration of the Protected Geographical Indication Pimiento Riojano, the La Rioja Sheep and Goat Association (AROVI) and the local action groups CEIP-Rural, ADRA and ADR La Rioja Suroriental, promoted direct sales in La Rioja this year.

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As part of this campaign, ARAG-ASAJA offers producers who are agricultural professionals, that is, who are registered with the Agricultural Social Security or declare agricultural income, the website Here they will be able to display their products so that consumers can find a direct and updatable list of direct sales in La Rioja.