The Romanesque Centre, located in Treviana, is the meeting point. It is the place to meet, the meeting place to start the journey. Through the resources it offers us, we can approach the heritage of the route we choose with a better knowledge. These places are the true objective of our adventure.

The Romanesque Centre has four main resources:

  • A projection room, with a spectacular audiovisual display.
  • An exhibition room, with information panels, pieces of stonework and space for workshops.
  • A documentation room, with an extensive library dedicated to the Middle Ages in general and Romanesque Art in particular.
  • A virtual room located on this website

On this website you can find more information about the Romanesque art of our region. You can plan your visit by getting to know in depth the heritage of each locality. You can also use thematic searches to relate the common elements of the different churches. You will find out, for example, how the sculptural theme of the Harpies appears in Treviana, Ochánduri and Tirgo. And how each sculptor carved it in stone. Or you will be able to compare the doorways of Castilseco, Villaseca and Cuzcurrita, appreciating similarities and differences.


Our Address:

C/Alta San Miguel, nº 1 26215 Treviana

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