San Vicente de la Sonsierra

We leave in the direction of Calvario, following the Los Picaos route. Cross the Laguardia road and continue along the Rivas road. At a recreational area, we turn off to the right and continue along a path between farmland. We border a large stone wall with a hut.

Necropolis of San Martín

It rises above the road and is made up of 33 graves, the remains of buildings and a cave winepress. We continue towards Rivas, leaving the magnificent Pangua house on the right, now in ruins. The path descends towards the road and leaves the Cella de San Román on the top of a hill. We arrive at Rivas de Tereso and visit its churches. After the urban route, we continue along the road towards Labastida until we take a path on the left that descends towards Las Sepulturas.

Early medieval necropolis of Las Sepulturas

The complex is made up of around 70 graves and an ancient hermitage. Further on, on both sides of the promenade, is the necropolis of Santa Tornea and the necropolis of Mutilluri, both of which still have graves. A large cave excavated in the rock at a height of about three metres indicates the hermitage of San Martín.

When we reach the height of a conical hut with an adjoining wall, we start the path on a stretch of the Roman road Deobriga-Puente Mantibte de Assa. From here to San Vicente, we find pinetes (small pine trees) that mark the road. At the hermitage and the church of San Juan de la Peña, the Sendero del Ebro joins the path. From here to San Vicente, the route is the same.

San Vicente de la Sonsierra

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