The restaurant El Figón del Duque is located in Navarrete – La Rioja – in the medieval cellars of the palace of the Duke of Nájera. As always we are defined by our passion for the product, the meeting of flavours, the friendly and personalised service, the culture of wine and history. From June 2020 we are launching our new service of Mediterranean cuisine at home, “aCasaVostra”. El Figón offers a quality gastronomic proposal based on local and seasonal products prepared with a touch of originality. Every three months we elaborate a seasonal menu in which the product is the main actor together with a warm atmosphere, attentive and friendly service, a unique and historical environment and quality wine for the total enjoyment of the senses.
In the medieval cellars of the Duke of Najera, framed by the majestic stones of the ancient wall of Navarrete, among ashlar stone wine presses and cellars. Ignatius of Loyola, the dukes themselves and Charles V were here – among others. We work with quality products to create an attractive and fresh seasonal menu. It is a product menu in which the quality of the ingredients is paramount, we use the best production techniques and we look for combinations of flavours that intensify the qualities of the product. We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable journey through the suggestive wine list that the Rioja oenologist Jesús Madrazo has created exclusively for El Figón.

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From the confinement a new idea has been born, that now in June 2020 is materialized, “aCasaVostra” is born, the new home delivery service of the restaurant El Figón del Duque. Mediterranean cuisine at home, we will start with our pizzas, a return to the origins, to offer you the Italian flavours that are part of our tradition. You can also order salads, meats, rice dishes and this weekend if you order in advance we can take home a roast kid with baked potatoes for you to enjoy with your family and friends. You can book by calling 941 124094.

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